Canadian Thalidomide Survivors Support Program

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Unconfirmed Claimants:


  1. Step 1 – Preliminary Screening Application (CTSSP Application Period ended June 3, 2024)

  2. Thalidomide Consent to Communicate Form (PDF)

  3. Request for Reconsideration Form (available upon request from the Administrator)


Confirmed Survivors:


  1. EMAF Application Form (PDF)

  2. EMAF Schedule of Expenses/Services (PDF)

  3. EMAF Appeal Form (PDF)

  4. Ongoing Support Payment Form (PDF)

  5. Reassessment Application Form (PDF)

  6. Reassessment – Consent to Release Medical Information Form (PDF)

  7. Thalidomide Consent to Communicate Form (PDF)


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